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You where born so shine your light so f#cking bright and the world needs your message

You were born to share your own unique light with the world and I get it, that thought can be a little daunting.

Especially when you are not use to getting yourself out there, sharing your message, or even knowing what your business needs to look like to begin with.

Well, spirit have finally guided me to focus all my business knowledge towards helping you step powerfully into your purpose. Because maybe, just maybe, you were born so shine your light so f#cking bright it is blinding.

SO let me help you kick some arse.

Female Performer

Introducing SHINE 

Business for Lightworkers

12 Week Personal & Business Transformational Journey

SHINE, my 12 Week Business program is for Lightworking women really ready to say F#CK YES to living their fullest potential.

With a mixture of incredible business tools, neuro-linguistic Programming, life-coaching and spiritual teachings and techniques. I will hold your hand through this entire transformational journey in your business.


Meeting you where you are now, to get you well on the way to where you want to be. 


Because it is time for you to step up and shine. The world needs you.

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