"She remembered who she was and the game changed"

This is your time and you ready to be

12-week Healing & Personal Transformational Program for Women

I am so glad that you have landed on this page. Now more than ever it is time to heal your heart, make peace with your past and finally recognise how incredible you actually are


I know it, and it is time for you to know it too. Am I right?


The simple fact that you are reading this tells me that on some level, you are ready to dive deeply into this transformational journey. Even if you don't realise it yet. Your soul would not have led you here otherwise. That is simply just the way the universe works, constantly guiding you towards your next step so that you can finally step into the light you were born to shine.

Healing towards personal-actualisation is a big part of that process.

FIERCE at a glance

6 Week Program that shines the light on all the parts you've found hard to accept and love

Weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions with a touch of NLP, coaching and spiritual techniques

1 BIG Workbook full of content, lessons, tutorials and soul growth opportunity  

Here's how the FIERCE program will help you

Overcome blockages and limitations that hold you back

Learn to self-actualize and finally feel in control of your life

Deepen self-love and self-acceptance to live in joy

Give you a stronger sense of self to ignite your confidence

Understand higher motives and soul lessons 

Reshape your story, to enhance and create better impact in life

Identify core current, past life triggers and clear them

Regain healthy mindset, navigate life with ease and flow

See your value and worth and the magic you have to share

What to expect each week.

Your WEEKLY tutorials broken down


Week 1

 What has shaped you? Why do you view the world? Repeating patterns and the stories you tell yourself + more

Week 4

Understand your core belief systems. Clear and transform them to create beliefs that empower you

Week 2

Understanding your soul contracts and agreements, clearing your biggest influences + more

Week 5

Regain your self-esteem, rediscover your self-worth and learn to finally accept and love all parts of yourself

Week 3

Hierarchy of negative emotions. Clear negative emotional triggers come back to love and regain power

Week 6

Raise self-awareness, intuition, ability to self-actualise. Deepen soul practice and set goals for success


Passion. Purpose. Pathway Program


12 months access to Fierce Truths Magazine

I am READY so what do I do now?

Choosing to say F#CK YES to your souls call is a big commitment and once you open that door there is no going back. Your heart wants what your heart wants and it has always known you were born to be more that you've allowed yourself to be thus far.

I only work with a limited amount of women each year and I take my role in helping you HEAL, and get to know yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way seriously. I also only work with those truly committed to doing the inner-work needed to shine the light on their shadow so they can finally life with joy and abundant love in their hearts.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the application form below. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by my team to arrange a clarity call.


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