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"Mediumship is a constant evolution and deepening of your ability to connect to the spirit world"

It is time to surrender to the path of Spirit



Join experienced teacher Kim Bleeze for this 6-week immersion journey to further develop your mediumship and reading abilities - regardless of what level you're at.

What's included:

6 x 3-hour interactive online classes once a week
Daily exercises to keep you immersed and invested in your 6-week journey
Weekly personal check-in and teacher feedback
Community support


Zoom Classes run Monday evenings at 7 pm AEST,
for six weeks starting from the 26th of September.

I am so glad that you have landed on this page. Spirit has been waiting for you to take this leap to deepen your connection to them.

You have gifts and abilities that have the potential to bring immense healing to yourself and to other people from your connection to the spirit world. 

This workshop will enable you to dive deeper into understanding how your mediumship works, and strengthen your ability to deliver messages from loved ones in spirit, accurately.

Here's how the MEDIUMSHIP IMMERSION  workshop can help you

Learn how to immerse yourself in a 'spirit-led' life.

Learn how to blend with spirit to become a more receptive receiver.

Gain confidence and learn how to prepare for accurate readings.

Understand what role mediumship has to play in readings.

Tell the difference between spirit and psychic energy when reading.

Learn how to recognise spirit relationships to your clients.

Learn how to break information into phases, and enhance reading flow.

Learn how to channel and trance your spirit guides and other spirit teachers.

Learn the importance of duty of care and ethics in readings.

Weekly check-ins, accountability and teacher feedback.

Daily exercises targeted at strengthening your skills.



If you don't know the first thing about business, beginning your earthly role as a medium can be overwhelming. As a bonus, Kim is offering a very special business video tutorial that will help get you started in running a successful heart-centred business.

I am READY so what do I do now?

Choosing to say FUCK YES to spirit and your souls call is a big commitment and once you open that door there is no going back. 

If you feel this 6-week class resonates with you, register your commitment via the book now button below to get started.

Spirit and Kim can't wait to see you there.


Need a payment plan? CLICK HERE
*Please note, that a 10% admin fee will be automatically added to your payment plan.

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