"Living your purpose is about being aligned with your most authentic self. With passion in your heart and fire in your soul"

The reason you are here is waiting to be rediscovered in


Digitally delivered 4-module mini course for the Lightworker ready to unveil their purpose and live their path with passion

I am so glad that you have landed on this page. Now is the best time you could choose to finally rediscover the reason your soul chose this life for you, and what purpose you are here to embrace.


And you've probably been telling yourself you surely were born for more right? 


The simple fact that you are reading this tells me that on some level, you are ready to answer your souls call and reconnect with your divine birthright - your heart led purpose. T

The universe has an incredible way of working out that way. Leading you towards exactly where you need to be for the next step.

Well, here it is...


4 module mini program that gives you the tools to unlock your souls passion to get clarity around your purpose

4 in depth workbooks full of information, worksheets and exercises to help you get clear on your life direction

Your personal natural gift assessment + 2 extra bonus packs for your meditation & self care practice

Natural Soul Gift Assessment Valued at $197

Discover what your exact natural soul gifts and abilities are.

Here's how the PASSION. PURPOSE. PATHWAY program will help you

Set you up to successfully create change

Rediscover what lights you up and

your F#CK YES

Recognise the opportunities already waiting for you 

Live with presence and flow to walk your path with ease

Uplevel what  works in your life, and change what is not

Create clear vision & manifest alignment with your souls path

Clear understanding of what path choices to make right now

Transform fear about your future into clarity and certainty

Evaluate all the areas of your life's to create overall balance

Recognise the natural gifts and abilities you were born with

Create goals and take purposeful action to achieve your dreams

Immerse in a higher vibe version of yourself and soar


Bonus #1: Meditation Package


Bonus #2: Self-care tips & techniques

I am READY so what do I do now?

Choosing to say FUCK YES to your souls call is a big commitment and once you open that door there is no going back. And that is a good thing. You were have always known you were born to be more that you've allowed yourself to be thus far.  Well, I am glad you are finally ready to say YES to that.


This mini course is all digitally delivered to download as 4 PDF workbooks and mp3's. Now that you are ready to say yes to creating meaning and purpose in your life, go ahead and purchased by clicking below. You will receive the Passion. Purpose. Pathway course via your email.


This mini course is going to change the whole way you do your life and how you choose to step into your future. So I can't wait for you to receive it!