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"The life of a medium is to walk between worlds, always as one with the spirit world "

Believe in yourself enough to let Spirit in


1-Day Workshop for the medium ready to take their abilities and reading style to the next level.

I am so glad that you have landed on this page. Spirit have been waiting for you to take this leap to deepen your connection to them.
You have gifts and abilities that have the potential to bring immense healing to yourself and to other people from your connection to the spirit world. 

This workshop is for students that have studied the level one,  Awakening Mediumship course or have had some experience connecting to spirit. It enables you to dive deeper into understanding how your mediumship works, and strengthen your ability to deliver messages from loved ones in spirit, accurately.

Here's how THE DEVELOPING MEDIUM   workshop can help you

Understand mediumship in readings

Difference between spirit and psychic energy

The importance of duty of care and reading ethically 

Introduction to Altered States

Learn about the different reading phases

How to get more details and expand your information

Gain confidence to connect to spirit in everyday life  

Blend with spirit and enhance your ability to connect

The importance of duty of care and reading ethically 

How to discern spirit relationships to client

I am READY so what do I do now?

Choosing to say FUCK YES to spirit and your souls call is a big commitment and once you open that door there is no going back. 

If you feel this 1-day workshop resonates with you, register your commitment via the book now button below to get started. Both Spirit and I can't wait to see you there.


Hervey Bay
22sth January 9am - 6pm