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"There is nothing more sacred than facilitating the gift of spirits love"

Spirit need you to step up and the time is now



Digitally delivered 12-module program for the psychic medium ready to fine-tune their skills

The Professional Psychic Medium Course is a call to all psychic mediums that wish to deepen their service to the spirit world and become the best they can be.


It delivers the learning you need to fine-tune your abilities, enhance your connection to the spirit world, and facilitate your best readings yet. 


12-module digital delivered program to expand and fine-tune your abilities as a professional in your field.

12 self-paced workbooks full of lessons, exercises and knowledge to enhance your professional abilities

Personal reading-style critique and a 1:1 coaching session  to target all of your growth needs.

Here's how the


program will help you

Enhance and fine-tune your natural skills and abilities

Get comfortable with charging what you are worth

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Get basic business tips

Gain confidence as a professional in your field

Receive a personal critique and 1:1 mentoring session

What to expect in each module


Workbook 1

Introduction. Learn the importance of giving great reading and recognise the different reasons clients come for readings

Workbook 5

Meet your spirit team and learn how to work with them to enhance your readings. Prepare for your readings to receive the best results.

Workbook 9

Breakdown your own reading style implementing all the lessons that you've learned so far. Send a reading off to be accessed.

Workbook 2

Discover different ways to give readings. The difference between psychic energy v's spirit energy and reading as a psychic or a medium

Workbook 6

How to read succinctly and with flow. Define problem areas for your client and how to offer solution based insight.

Workbook 10

It's time to master of your craft and become the best psychic medium you can be.

Workbook 3

How to get accurate and detailed validation for yourclient. Build a strong realm of reference and solid foundation.

Worksheet 7

Learn the importance of cleansing and protecting you and your work space.

Week 11

Build confidence and trust. Tackle the fear that keeps you small and from charging your worth.

Workbook 4

Learn how to structure your readings both in psychic and mediumship. How to work with multiple spirits in a reading at once.

Workbook 8

Do's and don'ts of giving readings. The importance of reading ethically and with integrity to best serve spirit and your client.

Week 12

Summarise your lessons. Get clear on what you need to do to succeed. Learn basic business tips to get you started in your career.


Passion. Purpose. Pathway Program

I am READY so what do I do now?

Choosing to say FUCK YES to your souls call is a big commitment. Especially when it comes to working with the spirit world and to be the best psychic medium you can be in order to serve your clients.

And to be honest, if you are truly called to this craft, there is nothing more rewarding that showing up for spirit in a powerful way. Spirit will be grateful for it, and you'll have your clients raving about you soon too. 

So if you are really ready to take this next step simply scroll below and you can start today.

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